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The ethics of directed energy weapons

New and novel technologies are transforming military capabilities and will impact how militaries will fight into the future. As with any transformation, new vulnerabilities are being exposed and will be exploited by future adversaries. These new technologies include directed energy weapons which are within the reach of our future adversaries. Directed energy weapons can be … Continue reading The ethics of directed energy weapons

Leadership vs Likership: No one wants to be led by a jerk

“We need leadership, not likership” is a common catchphrase among many military organisations. Based on the premise that the desire to be liked is inherent in our nature, this statement left me conflicted, particularly noting that my personal experience within the military weighs preference to working for likable commanders. As such, I set out on … Continue reading Leadership vs Likership: No one wants to be led by a jerk

The Profession of Arms

The Utility of Military History for the Practitioner War is too important to be left to the generals. — Georges Clemenceau The challenge for military professionals is learning how to think, not what to think. By understanding the past, practitioners of war can best create their future. But history itself does not provide answers to contemporary … Continue reading The Profession of Arms