PME Links

Australian Links (#AusPME)

The Air Power Development Centre

The Air Power Development Centre provides practical and effective analysis and advice on the strategic development of air and space power to the Chief of Air Force, the Royal Australian Air Force and its partners.

Australian Defence College homepage

The Australian Defence College advocates for professional mastery to nurture the desire of our people to achieve professional excellence. This is achieved through residential courses, distributed learning, research, seminars, professional journals and the contribution to the global online Professional Military Education community.

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute is aimed at Australia’s strategic and defence leaders on defence, cyber and national security issues.

The Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs

The Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs at the Australian National University is an interdisciplinary centre on the politics and international affairs of Asia and the Pacific, including law, environment, politics, development and diplomacy.

The Cove

Website for the Australian Profession of Arms with an Army focus, hosts videos, book reviews and articles for a broad, primarily tactical-operational level, audience. Includes unit level PME material, quick-decision exercises and information on physical conditioning.

Grounded Curiosity  

Use Grounded Curiosity to find new opportunities to contribute to dialogue from people who are passionate about the profession of arms.  No specific expertise is necessary.  The site seeks to encourage engagement from individuals from all rank and experience levels.

The Land Warfare Centre

The Land Warfare Centre supports All Corps training of Australian Army personnel and the generation of its war fighting capability. The site ranges from historical to futuristic and strategic to tactical and features doctrine, reading lists, papers and a variety of podcasts.

Logistics in War  

An Australian site dedicated to exploring defence logistics and its impact on modern warfare and defence institutional performance. This is a resource for defence logisticians including commanders and decision makers who influence the logistics process.

The Lowy Institute

The Lowy Institute is an Australian research organisation with a broad focus, including foreign policy and defence. Often features analysis of Asia-Pacific region.

The Sea Power Centre

The Sea Power Centre – Australia is a research centre which fosters and encourages development of maritime strategic thought by providing intellectual rigour to the public debate on maritime strategy and other maritime issues.



The Hub for Australian Joint Professional Military Education

Overseas Links (#PME)

The Aiming Circle

An online resource for writer-practitioners of military-themed literature and genre fiction; creative non-fiction; history; poetry; opinion/analysis and other storytelling.  The site aims to illuminate potential markets, contests, workshops, and other opportunities for military writers and provide with research and writing techniques.

The Angry Staff Officer  

A website/blog established by a US infantry-come-engineer officer.  The focus is historical events, national security and Army doctrine.  

The Center for International Maritime Security

The Center for International Maritime Security is a US-based think tank on international maritime security. Provides a range of historical case studies on navy tactics and sea control and links to international partners interested in merchant and naval shipping issues.

The Center for Security Studies

The Center for Security Studies is a Swiss- based think tank focussing on European security. Its research and policy work seeks to build a bridge between academia and practice. It has links to a range of data-sets and a focus on Russia and the Caucuses.

The Centre for Strategic & International Studies

The Centre for Strategic & International Studies is a Washington-D.C – based think tank. Well regarded for its policy research on defence and security and its website design, documentaries, podcasts and graphics.

The Combating Terrorism Center

The Combating Terrorism Center at West Point aims to equip future leaders with the intellectual tools necessary to understand the challenges of terrorism and counterterrorism.

Defence Academy of the United Kingdom

Part of the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence with a range of publications and courses covering the themes of leadership, command, technology, business and international engagement.

Foreign Policy

This US media site includes contemporary news, analysis and features.  It aims to provide insight and analysis around Foreign Policy issues for the benefit of leaders from government, business, finance and the academic world. 

From the Green Notebook   

 This website/blog has been established by a US combat arms officer, Joe Byerly.  He is an author who is passionate about leader development.  The site is intended to provide a platform for leaders to help each other by sharing lessons learned.  As Byerly puts it: “Lessons that come from our own green notebooks.”

The International Institute for Strategic Studies

The International Institute for Strategic Studies is an international think tank covering military, geopolitical and geoeconomic developments that could lead to conflict. Its annual armed conflict survey provided detailed statistics on armed conflict around the globe.

The Long March

Tom Ricks has covered the U.S. military for several decades.  This site is a daily column from Ricks and his contributors that covers news and analysis of military policy, strategy, culture, and history.

Mad Scientist Laboratory

This blog is a marketplace of ideas about the future of our society, work and conflict.  It is an initiative of the US Army Training Doctrine Command that seeks to continually explore the future through collaborative partnerships and continuous dialogue with academia, industry and government.

Military Epistemology

This Canadian site focuses on the application of design thinking to military education and practice. The site invites leading commanders, planners, developers and instructors to share their experiences in order to address the potentials, limits and dangers of this emerging reflexive turn in military affairs and strategic studies. It includes blogs, articles and video contributions from North and South America, Europe and Australia.

Modern War Institute   

A West Point website that supports the generation of new knowledge for the profession of arms in support of the West Point curriculum and the community of Army and other professionals seeking an intellectual resources to support military problem solving.  Among other things, look here for Reports, research outputs, commentary, analysis and events.  A series of podcasts are also available.

The Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability

The Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability is a US-based public policy think tank funded primarily by philanthropists with a branch office in Melbourne. It researches – and stresses the interconnectedness of – complex global problems such as climate change, weaponization and global governance.

Rand Corporation

Rand Corporation is a US-headquartered, global research organisation that seeks to develop solutions to public policy challenges, including health, education, cybersecurity and environment.

RealClear Defense  

This online resource was created at the request of the US Pentagon and House Armed Services Committee in response to perceived fragmentation in existing defence coverage.  The site aims to consolidate contemporary news and commentary with a focus on military affairs, defence policy, national security and foreign affairs.  


Robohub is a non-profit online communication platform that brings together experts in robotics research, start-ups, business, and education from across the globe. The mission is to connect the robotics community to the resto of the world.  The site includes news, views and a podcast service.

The Royal United Services Institute

The UK origin Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) is the world’s oldest think tank on international defence and security. A wide range of projects and research topics with centres focussing on many areas, including leadership, defence industry, financial crime and terrorism.

Small Wars Journal

Small Wars Journal publishes original works from authentic voices across the spectrum of stakeholders in small wars. We also link you to relevant goings on elsewhere.

Special Operations News from Around the World

SOF News provides informative articles, news, analysis, and commentary about Special Operations Forces (SOF) from around the world: current and historical. SOF News post articles on national security, defence, terrorism, conflicts in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan and elsewhere. They also link to relevant reviews of books and movies.

S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies – Singapore

A respected school within Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University with a wide range of publications and education programmes. The RSIS has centres dedicated to study of political violence, terrorism and both non-traditional and national security. 

The Strategy Bridge  

A non-profit organisation focused on the development of people in strategy, national security and military affairs.  The site includes a journal of commentaries and other written works, a podcast service as well as information about a range of activities conducted to support users to meet the site’s mission of developing people in strategy, national security and military affairs.

Task & Purpose

A website that provides perspectives on military and veteran’s issues in the post-9/11 era, through the use of investigative reporting, story-telling and analysis of cultural issues and current affairs.

The U.S. Army Center of Military History (CMH)

This center is responsible for recording the official history of the U.S. Army in peace and war. The CMH is a major global publisher of military history, contributing essential background for decision making, staff action, command information, education and public releases.

War on the Rocks

War on the Rocks Media publishes a Web magazine on war and foreign policy, and national security issues. A platform for analysis, debate, and multimedia content on these issues and professional military education, through a realist lens.

Wavell Room   

Contemporary British military thought consolidated by a non-profit organisation in the domains for Land, Air, Sea, Space and Cyber/Information.